Lee-on-the-Solent Golf Club
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On the 28th February 1905 at the then Victoria Hotel, Lee-on-the-Solent a meeting of 33 gentlemen and seven ladies under the chairmanship of Captain J. Ramsay formed the Lee-on-the-Solent Golf Club. Sir John Charles Robinson who had developed Lee-on-the-Solent was elected President and J. Ramsay, Captain. A committee was also elected. The meeting passed a resolution as follows:

“That the committee be instructed to proceed with the completion of the lease, lay out the course, and draft the rules of the club”.

A match to commemorate the opening of the course was held on the 8th November 1905: the match between C. Callaway (United Services Golf Club) and B. Callaway (Cannes), S. Freemantle (Brussels) and the then local pro G. Keddie.

In 1907 the first Lady Captain Miss Boyd was elected and at the ladies request they formed their own committee and appointed their own Secretary.

To commemorate the opening of the clubhouse in 1908 a 36 hole match was played between the famous professionals J.H. Taylor (Five times Open Champion) and G Duncan. Duncan won 2 up.

The period of the First World War was a very trying time for the club. A special Committee was set up in 1918 to investigate the leases of the course and the clubs future. Its recommendations included the revision of the leases and raising of funds by the issue of debentures. The rallying call succeeded and the Club survived. Thereafter the Club was built up with the help of many service members and their wives.

The Second World War materially affected the club but did not present so many problems as the First. Holes numbered 11, 12, 15 and 16 were ploughed up and put to crops.

The Club remained the tenants of the course until 1962 when the opportunity to purchase was taken. A private company was formed to facilitate this with the directors being past or present officers of the club holding shares in trust for the club. Thanks in great part to an advance from one of the club members, Mr. John Northcott to be repaid with no interest, the purchase was completed. The First Clubhouse – erected in 1908 at a cost close to £500 was replaced in 1969 by a more modern building, which was sited where the car park nearest the putting green is now. This was replaced by the present building in 1997.

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